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lectures & educational presentations

Great American Composers:

     Gershwin, Copland, and Bernstein

American Yiddish Radio Hour: 1920-1950

Arranging Sheet Music for a Jazz Ensemble

Black Sabbath: Yiddish, Blues, Blacks & Jews

Bernstein’s Jeremiah Symphony

Bernstein and His Jewish Roots

Bernstein, Broadway, and Beyond

Conductorcize: Music and Movement

Early Childhood Seminar and Workshop:

     Music, Movement, and Cultures

Great Orchestral Conductors

Jazz'n Jive in Klezmer Music

Jewish Music: Chazanut, Klezmer, and Beyond

KlezJam for Everyone: Adults and Kidz

Klez4Kidz: Book Performances with Live Music!

  • The Kugel Valley Klezmer Band

  • Mendel’s Accordion

  • The Wedding That Saved a Town

Kultur Festival: a multi-day music and arts festival

Maestro Madness: The Art of Conducting

Music in Hebrew Cultures

Shelf to Stage: Transforming Music Archives

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